Alay title, yes I know. Hahaha..

Well, I’ve been meaning to write about this since days, if not weeks, ago. I noticed few things that happens every day and for some reason I never realize how lucky I am to have all that.

And all of the sudden, your mind kind of open, and you finally “see” the real gem hidden.

Pas bangun pagi, ngeliat si mom lagi sibuk masak, oseng-oseng kuali, atau potong-potong bawang. Saat mo brangkat kantor, doi ikut nganterin ke pintu depan. Atau saat malam pas gw buka pintu kamar only to find her snooring hard and very, very loud:D

Dan yang paling gw syukuri adalah, gw bisa pakein dia selimut sebelon gw matiin lampu dan crash to bed. Unlike me, she loves cold and refuse to wear blanket until late at night. To me, that is one experience I wouldn’t trade of for anything else. And I asked God that I can do that as long as I could.

Looks usual dan sounds nothing special on it, but one morning I found her feeling sick, sitting on a chair, resting, my heart stopped. Or one day when she sleep over on her brother’s house, I walk to front door alone. That is kind of big difference.

Those usual daily things I see every day and grateful for my mom forever.



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